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  • Five Companies That Had A Rough Week

    The Week Ending Oct. 31 This week's roundup of companies that had a rough week -- even a scary one -- include Apple's Apple Pay service that was dropped by some key retailers, a leading solution provider that's working through restructuring plans and layoffs, Googl... More

  • Meru Networks Launches SDN App Store, Management Platform

    Wireless infrastructure vendor Meru Networks this week rolled out Meru Center, a new software platform that offers users a central point of management for Meru wireless access points and applications. The platform, slated for availability in the fourth quarter, also includes the ... More

  • Ready To Rumble: Amazon Still Dominates Public Cloud, But Microsoft Gains Speed

    Public Cloud Battle The Q3 results are in, and it should surprise no one that Amazon Web Services still dominates the public cloud arena. While the first cloud provider is still greatest and can boast higher revenue than its next four competitors combined, the takeaway headline f... More

  • Microsoft's Advertising Unit Shuts Down Global Agency, Creative Team In Latest Layoffs

    Microsoft's latest round of layoffs includes the shutdown of two key teams in its advertising division, sources familiar with the matter told CRN Thursday. Microsoft Advertising has shut down its Global Agencies and Accounts team, which handles Microsoft's relationships... More

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