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  • New Research Shows Microsoft, IBM Notching Big Cloud Gains

    An earnings survey released Monday by Synergy Research Group comparing revenue growth among the top five cloud service providers has Microsoft and IBM channel partners feeling giddy. The two cloud vendors eclipsed the overall growth rate of an industry that’s booming. Microsoft... More

  • 2nd Watch Reinvents Service Delivery Model

    2nd Watch is one of Amazon Web Services’ most successful partners, having helped hundreds of enterprise IT departments move their operations into the Amazon cloud. It’s a thriving business model you’d think the Washington state-based solution provider would be wary to tinke... More

  • OpenDNS Leverages Position As "First Touchpoint" To Provide Proactive Enterprise Security

    The Internet can be a scary place these days for big businesses, especially those running highly-regulated, mission-critical applications. The web has plenty of bad neighborhoods where malware, botnets and phishers wait in the shadows to attack innocents who have wandered astray.... More

  • Citrix To Retire Two Certification Programs In November

    Citrix Systems has plans to retire in November two of its legacy certification programs, among the most lucrative in the industry, to adapt to the evolving organizational practices of its partner community. The Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE) for Virtualization and C... More

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