SAP Partner Exchange: The Competitive Advantage

SAP hasn't risen to the top of its game by itself. Their partners have been the critical difference. No longer just a business application company, SAP is now a platform company, but that means success only comes if trusted partners are proliferating new and innovative applications built on SAP's platform.

Check out these videos, for a better understanding of the future of SAP partnerships, why SAP can help build your success and the five market categories you need to escalate to be number one.

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Watch the Video
SAP Ecosystem and Channels with Eric Duffaut

Why Partner with SAPWhy Partner
with SAP

Increase revenue and profitability and be successful in hot, growing markets. Beat competitors, close deals faster and easier. Download the PDF to learn more!

Why the Five?
By combining the power of you, our valued partners and these five chosen market categories, you can make every customer a best-run business. Watch this video to discover how SAP's drive for dominance can help give you the competitive advantage.

SAP PartnerEdge -- Whiteboard video
The race is on for developing new opportunities and increase market share. Establishing the right partnerships will decide whether you finish first or get left in the dust. Watch now to see how SAP PartnerEdge is helping partners drive their brand, reputation and market presence to greater success.