Microsoft Azure Learning Center

Microsoft Azure is empowering partners to unlock limitless innovation. Built on a world-class foundation of trust, flexibility, and scale, we are helping lead organizations into the era of AI.

Whether customers are migrating to gain a secure and AI-ready foundation, modernizing their app portfolio to integrate new capabilities, or ready to build new intelligent apps, Azure is making it easier to bring value to our mutual customers and help them capitalize on the technological innovations transforming every industry.

The role of partners is more important than ever and we’ve invested in Azure Migrate and Modernize and Azure Innovate, two new Azure partner-led offerings to help deliver better customer experiences in the following ways:

Accelerate with comprehensive offerings 

Increased deal velocity with assessments, pilots, tooling and expert guidance

Fast time to value with seamless and automated approvals

Maximize earning opportunities 

Rich investments for every stage of the customer journey

Consolidated incentives with self-serve easy access in Partner Center

Activate across more scenarios

End to end coverage of customer needs from migration to innovation

Built for all, from small businesses to enterprises, Systems Integrators (SIs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)